Social Point launched World Chef

World Chef is a new resource management game where you have to remain track of ingredients and recipes as you lead an eating place and provide food to customers. Though World Chef’s arrangements may remind you of a Diner Dash game at first look, the aim isn’t to serve your customers as fast as probable. Actually, World Chef is intended to be played at an unhurried speed. You must build up your restaurant’s menu, enlarge to insert further tables, and deal with your ingredients and resources. Your clients won’t get up and depart if you don’t serve them fast, however, the quicker you serve them and the further speedily new customers can file in.
If you like to play this game on computer you can read World Chef for pc instructions and follow the guide to get this game on your Windows running computer. You may also like to get Neko atsume for pc or Rolling Sky for pc or Traffic Rider for pc platform.


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